Quick Tip: Hiding local files in Git, just for you

The more you code, the more you have tools that help you work quick.

Using those deterministically in open-source can be challenging.

You want to write a small PR, but first, lets install the correct version of pnpm (checks lock file). Ok, now NodeJS to. I use asdf for these (thanks Paul for the hook up), but not everyone does, I'll just put .tool-versions in the .gitignore file.

If this continues you have a huge .gitignore for peoples specific tools, or a bunch of meaningless top level files. In open source projects, you probably want a lighter touch.

Queue the much underutilized .git/info/exclude

This file is your own personal .gitignore, I recommend reading the docs (a little). But basically use this when necessary to exclude your own local files.

Enjoy 👍